Kevin Miller will be the 2014 Augusta Wrestling Hall Of Fame inductee this Saturday at the Orioles' home wrestling tournament.

Miller was a product of both of both a wrestling family and the Augusta Wrestling community. Growing up he won Kansas Kids State multiple times and was a two-time winner of Kids Nationals. In addition, he was a third-place finisher at AAU nationals.

During his high school career, he was a three-time placer at the Douglass Goodwill tournament, winning the championship on two of those occasions. He won the Clearwater Invitational and Augusta Invitational three times each.

He was a three-time state tournament qualifier. During those three runs in the state tournament, he was a second-place finisher and, most importantly, became Augusta's first-ever state champion.

He had a win-loss record his junior and senior years of 50-4.

The 2014 Hall Of Fame inductee is a 1983 graduate of Augusta High School. Since that time, he has given back to the sport through his coaching with the Augusta Wrestling Club.