When you set your goals, be specific

It seems at the beginning of a new year, there is so much about New Year's Resolutions ‐ making them, sticking to them, not sticking to them and why we don't stick to them. It is interesting to me that these resolutions are only brought to the forefront during the beginning of the New Year. I wonder what would happen if we touched base with everyone that made these resolutions in a couple of months or 6 months just to see how everyone was doing.

There seems to be so much public focus on news and talk shows, newspapers, blogs, etc. but then after the first week or so of the New Year it is not mentioned again until the next New Year.

Making New Year’s resolutions is not something I do…or I don't call them "resolutions". I evaluate the goals that I set forth the year before and determine where I am. What goals did I achieve and which goals do I need to carry forward. While I would love to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more, these are standard goals on my list and carry over every year because I always want to do those things in my life. I also carry over being a great mom, wife, (now grandma), sister and friend. These goals are all very important to me but they are also somewhat ambiguous. How much weight do I want to lose? How much healthier do I want to eat? What makes a great mom and wife/sister/friend? In order for me to feel a sense of accomplishment, I have learned to be more specific. I dig a little deeper within myself to:

1. Understand why I set the goal in the first place – why is it important

2. Is my goal feasible or attainable? Or is it a vision?

3. Create steps to achieve the goal – what can I do to achieve that goal

When you set goals or make "resolutions" be sure you are clear what each goal or resolution means to you. When you set your goals, be specific. "I want to lose 10 pounds in 2014" or "I want to meet my friends for dinner once a month". By being more specific you can clearly see where you are going and what you are achieving and create action steps to accomplish them.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful 2014.

Becky Wolfe is the Executive Director of Leadership Butler, Inc.