A look at Augusta's past



Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Hamilton received a telegram informing them that their son, First Lt. Howard B. Hamilton, U.S. Army Air Force, was a prisoner of the Germans.

Two sisters, Mary Stocking, 12 and Esther Stocking, 10, had drowned in the Walnut river, just southeast of Augusta. No information or details on the tragedy were provided.

Jimmy Rountree, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Rountree, was en route to Washington School, rural Augusta, on the back of his pony. The pony slipped, Jimmy fell off and broke his leg. The pony continued on its usual route to school and Harold Skaer noticed that the pony was missing its rider. Mr. Skaer went in search of Jimmy and found him where he had fallen.



Augusta police members, city council, and other city officials, were given a demonstration of an electronic speed meter by the state highway patrol.

Construction had begun on the new office building on Oak St. for the Socony-Vacuum refinery. The building would be used by the clerical and administrative personnel.

Work had begun on the new locker room addition to the Augusta High School. The main features would be a 10-shower shower room, a coach’s room and a ticket office.



Tearie Leigh Miller, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Miller, was the winner of the First Baby of 1964 Contest.

The First Baptist Church, organized in 1869, commemorated its 95th anniversary with an all-church dinner held at Lehr’s.

The Holiday Bowl hosted a tournament over the holidays. In the prep category, Nancy Binter won singles championship for the girls, and David Higgs was the boys’ singles winner. Debbie Jennings, Patty Granberry took first place in the girls’ doubles, and David and Bob Moon were the boys’ doubles champs.



Gasoline prices had hit a new high at area gas stations when prices went to 50 cents a gallon.

Anna Alicia Thummel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thummel, was Augusta’s First Baby of 1974.

Vernon White, pastor of the First Baptist Church for 18 years, had resigned. He planned to retire and continue living in Augusta.



Matthew Duane Luther, son of William and Mary Luther, was the first baby of 1984.

The local Board of Education was conducting a study concerning moving the ninth grade to the senior high school. The board had been considering the middle school concept for some time.

Sandi Gore-Evans, local artist, was honored for having one of her works selected for the Kansas Postcard Series.

After 39 years in the appliance business here, the Bob Weinshilboums were retiring and selling their downtown store, W&W Discount, to Lee Miller.



Law enforcement was investigating a weekend vandalism spree that resulted in the damage of more than 20 vehicle windows.

Brandon Lee Robbins, son of James and Pamela Robbins, was the first baby of 1994.

The local Board of Education approved a new soccer program for the Augusta High School.

(Editor’s note: The archives for the first half of 2004 are not available.)