A look at Augusta's page



Santa made rounds to all the homes with kids who were under quarantine with measles before he made his appearance at the Elks-Bisagno Annual Christmas Party on Christmas Eve.

An escapee from the Butler County Jail who h ad been sought for six years, had been caught in California. He was wanted for robbing an El Dorado gas station.

Southwestern Bell was asking residents to use long distance during the holidays only if the call was vital. The lines needed to be clear for military calls.



The star on top of the aerial on the city building could be seen 5 or 6 miles in all directions from Augusta.

The biggest party for the youngsters ever to be held in Augusta was recorded at the annual Elks-Bisagno Christmas Party. Both theatres were filled to capacity and over 2,000 sacks of candy and nuts were distributed by Santa. Local police were busy directing traffic downtown after the party.



C.H. Stinett was busy as usual dressing up as Santa. The Mobil worker served as Santa without fee and would start getting calls several weeks before Christmas. He reported that he had worn out several Santa suits in his years of portraying Good St. Nick.

John Hutter’s Augusta Orioles knocked the highly touted Wichita Southeast team out of the ranks of the undefeated and won the Newton Holiday Invitational championship. The Orioles came out with an impressive 65-57 victory.



Augusta Junior High had one of the largest pep clubs in the history of the school with 150 members.

Augusta had a new store. Antrim Home Care Center had opened at 316 W. 7th.

Cora Hoover had filed for a seat on the City Council, First Ward.

Augusta was hit by a blizzard and was digging out of several inches of snow. Blowing and drifting snow and winds of 40 mph reduced visibility on the roads.



Already coping with 6 inches of snow, and additional 1-4 inches was moving in. Students started their holiday break early and many holiday programs were being canceled. Record setting cold temperatures were being recorded across the state.

A major fire erupted in downtown Augusta during the noon hour on Dec. 23, and destroyed four businesses and caused smoke damage in other shops on the east side of the 400 block of State. The businesses lost were Egg Roll Palace, and adjacent beauty shop, TW Productions Studio & Gallery, and Lovellette’s China and Gifts. There were no serious injuries.

On Christmas Day, the former Heidelberg Inn on W. 7th, was severely damaged by fire. It was one of three fires over the holiday weekend.



Local couple, Janet and David Rickey, won a $1 million Cash Lotto Jackpot. They planned to purchase a dream house for their family.

A year later and officials were still investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed half of the Lunger Furniture store building, located near the U.S. 54 overpass. Approximately 30,000 square feet was destroyed. A cause had not been found, although officials labeled it as suspicious.

Five Augusta High wrestlers claimed gold medals in their first meet of the year. Zack Payton, Shawn Silvis, Greg Bradley, Derek Hummel, and Alex McCoy each won first place in their respective age and weight classes.



There were six applicants for the job of Butler County Sheriff; Undersheriff Craig Murphy, Rick Kennedy, John Morgan, Tim Stock, Robert Sage, and John Woydziak. Murphy was chosen by a majority of the Butler County Republican Central Committee to succeed the resigned Sheriff Stan Cox.

Damian and Janelle Korte and their children were named the Kansas Farm Bureau Family of the Year from Farm Bureau’s 4th District.