A good deed

To the Editor,

We hear so many stories in the news now days that is on the negative side. I have a positive story about a man from Augusta that demonstrated a high level of integrity and honesty that warms my heart.

His name is Ed Manheim.

On Dec. 17th, I was loading a package in my car at Village Decorative in Augusta, and in the process, I dropped my checkbook. Not knowing I dropped it, I drove home. About 8:30 that evening, we received a phone call from Ed telling us that he had found our checkbook and what could he do to return it to us?

We made arrangements to pick it up the next day. Ed really made our Christmas.

We realized what could have happened if someone less honest would have found the checkbook.  I can’t thank Ed enough.

I don’t know if Augusta has a good citizen award or any recognition for an individual with extremely high integrity and honesty, but if they do, Ed Manheim would be my nominee.

Ed is truly a citizen who all Augustans should get to know. The world needs a lot more people like Ed.

Thank you, Ed, for taking the time and effort to do a wonderful deed.

Steve Firkins


(Editor’s note: The Times-Gazette is proud that Ed is one of our carriers.)