An unusual fundraiser

The Family Life Center-SafeHouse is holding a slightly unusual fundraiser. They have planned a "No Gala" Gala.

The date for this event is any given Friday night when a family is free and can be held in one's living room.

This is their second annual event like this.

The benefits of this "gala" is it does not require people to hire a babysitter, buy a new outfit or show up at a fancy venue to mingle and talk.

Instead, they invite people to kick back, relax and enjoy an evening with their family, playing cards or a board game and enjoying the company of those they love most.

The levels of participation include:
• $1,000 – instead of hosting a table of 10 family and friends
• $750 – instead of VIP seats
• $500 – instead of a new cocktail dress and tuxedo
• $100 – instead of bidding on a silent auction bid
• $50 – instead of getting a babysitter for the evening
• $25 – instead of stopping for late night cheeseburgers
The donations these things would allow for will help the life of women and their children who are in need.
Tax deductible donations may be sent to: Family Life Center-SafeHouse, P.O. Box 735, El Dorado, KS 67042.