Questioning resumed after lunch with witness Tasha Krane, who also was in the car at the time of the shooting.

Questioning resumed after lunch with witness Tasha Krane, who also was in the car at the time of the shooting.
County Attorney Darrin Devinney again asked if she knew him by any nicknames, to which she said people around Hutchinson called him Kil. She said she had only met him a couple of other times before this incident.
She said late Sept. 1 she called Graham Taylor and asked him for a ride.
"I demanded it," she said, explaining she and her mom's boyfriend had gotten into an argument in Rock, a town between Augusta and Atlanta.
She said on the way back the car was having trouble with the headlights and they stopped at Walmart.
She said they saw the police car coming and they didn't want to get pulled over so they pulled into the parking lot.
Devinney asked if Kilbourne mentioned that he was going to run at some point.
"I know it was mentioned about him might having a warrant, but that was as far as that goes," she testified, adding there was no discussion about anyone having guns in the car and she didn't know there was one in there.
She said she did not see Kilbourne with a gun, but did hear a gun go off in the car.
Krane testified she pointed out Kilbourne's cigarettes were on the dash of the car. She didn't recall if he got a cigarette out of that pack because everything went so fast.
"I wasn't aware the situation was going to go that way," Krane testified, explaining she was looking at her phone texting her sister.
She did remember seeing sparks and thought Graham Taylor was shot in the face, she said wiping away tears.
"I remember having to pick glass out of his back," she continued.
She also said, "Something was said about Kil having a warrant."
She added Kilbourne said he didn't want to go back to jail.
On cross examination, Defense Attorney James Watts asked Krane about when they were pulled over, reviewing the events of Taylor and Kilbourne changing places and starting to pull away.
"We had to stop and open the door and the officer informed us it was not OK to go, I was just telling you to switch spots," she said.
Going on to when shots were fired, she said she only heard one and when the officer fired the first shot she jumped on the floor board when the deputy's second shot hit the back window by where she was sitting. She said she didn't remember anything else until the officer pulled them out of the vehicle.