Douglass City Council has selected Marvin O'Neil as Volunteer of the Year

For the 11th consecutive year the Douglass City Council has selected a resident as Volunteer of the Year. Council members reviewed submissions and debated which nominee to select.

“That’s a great problem to have, to choose between great volunteers,” commented KaLyn Nethercot, city manager, during the discussion.

Finally, the council agreed to name Marvin O’Neil as Volunteer of the Year. O’Neil was nominated by his daughter, Judy Hatfield, who shared his good deeds for the community. Throughout his many years as a resident of Douglass O’Neil has volunteered as a fire fighter, a volunteer repairman and currently delivers meals twice a week to those who live at the Medicalodge.

Mayor Larry Ramsey and the City Council invited O’Neil to bring his friends and family to next month’s’ meeting for his recognition.

Other unanimous decisions included: approving Rock River Rapids Day 2014 (date TBA), approving 2014 mobile home licensing, 2014 cereal malt liquor licensing, approving a cost of living adjustment for all full-time city employees and appointing Lisa Walker to the events committee.

After much deliberation the decision was made to combine the two fall events hosted by the city. Beginning in 2014 Frontier Days and Christmas Around Town will be held simultaneously. It is yet to be decided if the event will be renamed or or retain the name associated with the chosen date of the event, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the traditional day of Christmas Around Town.

Nethercot reported she had spoken to the company who sets up the carnival each year for Frontier Days and there were no other dates available next year thereby eliminating the opportunity of bringing a carnival to town in 2014.

Council members spent the last month pursuing many avenues, including a potential school-sponsored event, to bring the carnival back but the availability simply was not there. With additional events, committee members and more time (created by paring down the number of Fall events) they hope to expand the one event the city will host in November of next year.