Who cares about the dirty bedrooms and laundry-strewn living room.

hursday afternoon I was driving my kids to piano lessons straight from school when I happened to look out the window at Dr. Todd’s office and realize all at once that Little Missy had an eye appointment right there in three minutes.

These are the things that slammed into my brain all at the same second: 1) I already rescheduled piano lessons from Tuesday to Thursday; 2) my good friend/kids’ piano teacher Chrissa had texted me a mere three hours earlier to make sure piano lessons were still on for Thursday right after school; 3) Dr. Todd’s office had called to remind me the day before about the appointment; 4) Little Missy had reminded me a few times that week about the appointment because she really wanted to go; 5) G’s friend K, who we pick up from school a few times a week, was also in the backseat; 6) I’d already forgotten to tell K’s mom (thankfully also my good friend so she can forgive me for certain lapses) we’d be at piano lessons that night and now I was going to have to tell her that we would be at the eye doctor instead; 7) balkadjfsoisbndsoi; 8) I am a spazz.

As I pulled through the intersection only to turn around in the GoJoe’s parking lot instead of driving on to piano lessons, G understandably asked what was going on. Which comes across snarky in print, but he asked out of curiosity, not rudeness. And I couldn’t answer him because I was on the phone to let a certain friend know we’d be late to piano lessons and another certain friend know that her son would not be at the agreed upon meeting spot.

After things got settled down--after K was safely with his mother, after Little Missy made it through the eye doctor’s appointment mostly on her own (like a rockstar! to do that in second grade and not be petrified is awesome)--I half-heartedly joked to my friend Chrissa that I shouldn’t be in charge of little children.

I know that everybody has their funny stories haha of times they’ve forgotten this or that, but it’s kind of been that way this entire week.

Because laundry has been in the middle of our living room floor for three days. I never keep laundry in our living room; that’s always the clean spot of our house. But there the laundry lies, strewn about from children and a husband who’ve been forced to look for clean socks in the pile. Beds have only been made once or twice this week, dirty dishes are never NOT on our counter. Piles of the kids’ schoolwork lies in wait on our kitchen counter, hoping to be thrown away or stored sometime soon.

I’m chalking it up to an off week and instead will choose to focus on this: my kids got hugs and kisses from me every day; each day they had clean clothes; each day they had the option to eat three square meals (AHEM, I’m looking at you Baby Chickadee who can eat food or leave it); I listened to their stories.

So… the most important things were taken care of, right? Who cares about the dirty bedrooms and laundry-strewn living room. Right now, I’m forcing myself to just move on from it. And I’ll make next week better.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three. She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.