Kent Overaker pleads guilty to theft of Chamber funds

In Butler County District Court on Monday former Augusta Chamber of Commerce director, Kent Overaker, entered a plea of guilty to theft.
With the plea, Overaker waived his rights to a preliminary hearing and a trial by jury.
Overaker, 61, was accused of exercising unauthorized control of $13,400 of the Augusta Chamber’s money between May 1 and Aug. 22 of this year.
District Court Judge Mike Ward advised Overaker that in respect to the level 9 nonperson felony and a request for probation, that a pre-sentence report would be required.  If the report finds no previous criminal or prior prison record, Overaker will likely be placed on probation, with full restitution required, court costs, probation supervision fee, the expense for DNA on file and the court could impose a fine.
Judge Ward asked Overaker to describe what transpired between May 1st and Aug. 22nd.
“I wrote checks on the Chamber of Commerce account and used credit cards on their account for personal items...I was allowed to write small checks under $500, but not for my own personal use,” Overaker said.
Judge Ward accepted the guilty plea and advised a pre-sentencing investigation would be made and Overaker’s sentencing will be at 11 a.m. on Feb. 10, 2014.