Firefighters take time to visit El Dorado resident

She is a beautiful petite lady. A lifelong resident of El Dorado who worked her entire life – starting with her first job that helped her parents through the depression, then Safeway, then the bank, and then the middle school – until retiring in March. Her name is Polly.

You may not know Polly, but if you ask any El Dorado Firefighter you would discover they not only know her, they love her. And this is the story of why.

Several years ago the firefighters got to know Polly when they began to see her every morning at the El Dorado YMCA. Polly was there walking with her friends – walking her daily two miles – and would always say "hello" to the firefighters. But, that was just the beginning.

The "hellos" evolved into good old-fashioned ribbing and that transformed into hugs – daily hugs for all of the firefighters.

But, it didn't stop there. Polly then began bringing fruit, cookies and candy for the firefighters. Then Polly had all the firefighters write down their birthdays. Thereafter, each firefighter received a card on their birthday. Firefighters described the joy in Polly's eyes and her smile as something uniquely special.

A few months ago Polly started having some joint pain and had to take some time off from the YMCA. Before she left, she gave one of the firefighters a stack of predated signed birthday cards that covered the rest of the year. What the firefighters didn't know was Polly had gotten some bad news from her doctor. She had a rare aggressive cancer that was attacking her kidneys. Unfortunately, the predicted outcome is not good.

Firefighters heard the news of her illness and that she had moved in with her son. So, they rallied the troops for visits – with multiple arrangements of flowers and love.

During one of those visits Polly was asked how she managed the expense of all the cooking, the fruit and the cards.

She replied, "If you want to do something special for someone, you will find the means to do it."

She said she loved baking for the firefighters.

Polly was also asked about her special secret – the secret of how she can bring such happiness to others. She downplayed the question saying, "Just be friendly. Help somebody if you see somebody that needs help."

Great people leave an indelible mark upon the souls of many people during their time on earth.

Before you go to bed tonight, please join the El Dorado Firefighters in saying a "Prayer for Polly – And a Hug."