Fear is hiding something from you

Fear is hiding something from you. You must figure out what it is. In 1 Samuel 17, the Israelites were staring at Goliath. Every morning the army of Israel would give a war cry, then big hairy and scary would shout defiantly toward the army. Then they would flee in “great fear.” (Verses 20-24).

It is tough to see beyond Goliath. He appears to be large and in charge. There seems to be no need to look beyond him. I mean, there does not seem to be any hope to get beyond him so why look?

All of our fears are like that. They cause us to freeze. We either retreat or we just stand there, but we certainly don’t move forward. Why would we? Smart people don’t fight against big hairy and scary. We want to live another day. But are we really living? Are we really living when fear is our own personal dictator? Are we really living when we are afraid to meet new people? To educate ourselves for the career we have always wanted? To talk to our spouse about that sensitive subject? To reconcile a relationship? To get help for an addiction? Are we really living when fear freezes us to do nothing?

David overheard someone talking about what would be done for the man who slays Goliath. He asked them to repeat the benefits three times. They would get great wealth, get the King’s daughter and be exempt from taxes. Not a bad deal if the opponent was a nine footer. Still, David got a picture of what was on the other side of Goliath. What was on the other side was the greatest King Israel had ever known, the lineage of the Messiah, a man who would bring the presence of God back to Israel. Goliath was in the way.

Fear is hiding something from you: a courageous you; a you that is growing and moving forward; an adventurous person that is unafraid, blessed, confident; an overcomer. Take a look on the other side of the thing that freezes you. Get a glimpse of what could be if you walked through your fear and did the thing that God has called you to do. I think you would like what you see. Do it afraid a walk right through.

Paul Andrews is the minister of Augusta’s Life Church.