Trust in Jesus Christ and His will for us is sufficient

To the Editor,

“In 1966 I was 12 years-old when we got the call my dad had been shot down in Vietnam. He was Lt. Col. Air Force fighter pilot. They did not know if he was taken prisoner, missing in action, or dead.

We prayed and waited for days, for weeks, for months, and for years! I did not know if I should pray he was alive in a prison camp or dead. One night I called a radio talk show host and his kindness, he suggested that I pray for God’s will. I did.

That night I trusted Jesus Christ to be my Savior.

After the war ended, my dad’s remains were found. They determined he had been a prisoner for 12 years, escaped and was trying to return home at the time he died.

My Daddy was posthumously awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor and is now resting at Arlington National Cemetery. And my mother, who also has passed, is resting upon him at Arlington. Today, my trust in Jesus Christ and His will for us is sufficient.”

While recovering, this story was related to me by a lady whom I only know as The Haircut Lady.

Gary Job

El Dorado