The land purchased is just south of the water treatment plant on the city’s southeast side

The Augusta City Council bought a small piece of land for an even smaller price Monday night.

The land purchased is just south of the water treatment plant on the city’s southeast side. The land cost the city $50 at Butler County’s annual tax foreclosure sale. The additional fees on the property included a $12 administrative fee and a tax of $15.68 to bring the total price to $77.68 for the parcel.

“This is in line with our plans to potentially expand in this area,” said City Manager Gabe Gonzalez.

Assistant City Manager Josh Shaw explained the city owned property on three sides of the parcel that was purchased.

The council also scheduled a public hearing to discuss amendments to the 2013 budget. Four funds have exceeded their budget authority and must be amended.

The water sales tax fund was created after the budget was adopted. Expenses from this fund are for engineering costs related to the new waterline to El Dorado Lake. The water system bond fund was created to pay for water system improvements. Funds in this account were received in 2010. The fund paid $472,500 for the repair of the one million gallon water tank at the water treatment plant.

The wastewater reserve fund was established for purchases at the wastewater treatment plant. Equipment was purchased for the wastewater treatment plant that came in far above budget.

The final account affected is the wastewater treatment plant fund that was affected by the Kelly and Ohio Intersection project. During construction it was discovered that significant repairs were needed on the east outfall sewer line.

The hearing on these items is set for 7 p.m. Dec. 16 during the next City Council meeting.

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