A look at Augusta's past



There was a shortage of pennies. All banks were being asked to send all excess pennies to the Kansas City Bank or Federal Reserve banks in Denver, Oklahoma City, or Omaha for redistribution.

The Farm Club Women west of Augusta had a new project. They were turning a spot, 1 1/2 miles west of town, north of Highway 54, just west of the bridge, into a park. (The old Roadside Park?) Members of the Foxton Boys Club were helping.

The only places open in town on Thanksgiving were the refinery, the draft board, the Ration Board office, and the Augusta Theatre, which was playing “Top Man.” The Bisagnos were also planning a community sing at the theatre.



The Augusta High School pep band, directed by Max Hendrickson, consisted of Charles Barber, Keith Scholfield, Bill Howard, Dick Adelson, Bob Crain, and Max Hendrickson.

Dr. Epp had moved his offices from Augusta to Wichita and a petition was being circulated in town to have him move back.

Three men had suffered burns in an accident at Socony-Vacuum refinery. The accident occurred at the #3 furnace when a live stream line was opened. The workmen thought the line had been shut off.



Michael Buskirk received his Eagle Scout award at a ceremony held at the Methodist Church.

The Junior High School Penny Carnival was held in the junior high gym.

It was Turkey Time at Haberlein-Patterson Men’s Store. With each men’s suit, top coat, or sports coat, the shopper would receive a free turkey.

Believed to be the first woman in Augusta to receive her private pilot’s license, Mrs. Gene Scholfield, completed training and testing.



Fire, believed set by vandals, caused an estimated $3,000 in damages to the east part of the Augusta Junior High Stadium (old Worl Field).

Spencer Ryan, owner of Augusta Floral, had started his annual hanging of the greens for Augusta merchants and citizens. He had doing the holiday chore for a number of years.

Local merchants had just purchased new Christmas lights for Augusta streets at a cost of $7,000. The Plaza was also going to have new decorations, including a 25-ft. Christmas tree.



The Augusta Chamber of Commerce was planning to block off the 500 block of State and take a photo of townspeople. The photographer was planning to climb a fire truck ladder in order to get everyone in the photo.

Mr. & Mrs. Breck Lewis observed their 50th wedding anniversary. They had operated Breck’s Studio for many years.

All the hourly employees had left the refinery. The refinery records were to be stored in limestone caves in the Kansas City area.



Police responded to a bomb threat at a local church. No bomb was found. It was the second threat in as many weeks.

Augusta’s Ministerial Alliance hosted a Community Thanksgiving service and the First Baptist Church.

A final plat for a three-block at the Ewalt Elementary School site was endorsed by city planners and was moving on to the City Council. The plat, known as Northern Heights First Addition.



Congressman Todd Tiahrt reported that the City of Augusta could receive $50,000 to help finance a flood study for the Whitewater River from a public water works bill on its way to President George Bush.

The A-U-G-U-S-T-A letters were going back on the marquee of the Augusta Historic Theatre as the exterior restoration work was almost finished. The marquee was scheduled to be lit on Dec. 6th.

Augusta High School senior soccer player Justin Hanzlick was named to the Kansas Soccer Coaches Association All-State Team as a second team mid-fielder.