The remodeling work at the Holiday Bowl in Augusta is on track

The remodeling work at the Holiday Bowl in Augusta is on track and new owner Austin Ottaway continues to be optimistic about opening at the end of December.

“Everything is moving along. All of the kitchen equipment will be here right after Thanksgiving, the wiring is finished, the flooring will be installed in the next few days and all the furniture will be arriving soon,” Ottaway advised.

The place is buzzing with activity and a number of workers can be found there on any given day.

“A lane oiler machine is here and we are resurfacing all the lanes. They will be like brand new. I wanted to do it right,” Ottaway said.

Many residents will be happy to hear one of the displays once part of the Ignite Augusta Christmas displays in Garvin Park - the Candy Dream Factory - will be erected outside Holiday Bowl this season. Next year Ottaway plans to have the Airplane Factory display outside the alley, too.

Plans are still on track to provide a complimentary shoe rental and pass to Butler County students as a gift from their teacher during the holidays.

Several local businesses and individuals are helping to get Holiday Bowl open and Ottaway wants to credit their hard work: Williamson Plumbing, Jack Cox, Aaron’s Dry Wall, Arrowhead Electric, the City sanitation crew for making sure the dumpster is always ready for the next load and Augusta High School students, Cassidy Hartup, Bethany Watson and Taylor Pearcy.

“And I can’t forget Kelly Modlin,” he said. “All this wouldn’t be possible without him.”

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