As would be expected, coach Brandon Terry drilled into the Oriole wrestlers' minds the importance of executing the basic moves the team will focus on with fundamental precision.

That's what all coaches want to get accomplished as the Augusta winter sports teams kicked off their first practices of the new season. With a fresh start comes the opportunity to stress the importance of the basic fundamentals. Coach David Stephenson had the boys basketball team work on knowing what spots to be on fast breaks and who should pass to whom.

Anytime there is an inbound play or a situation in which a referee would hand the ball to an Oriole, Stephenson has trained the team to say, "Thank you, sir." When a player forgot? He and his group of teammates for that particular drill would drop down for five push-ups.

Girls basketball coach Tracy Anderson had the Orioles rotate (and by rotate, that meant sprint) from station to station, whether it was doing push-ups, layups, rebounding drills, closeout drills, or defensive stance drills. Anderson already got the girls to work with full intensity as she challenged them to want to be the next player to step out and be a leader.

Not a bad start.

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