At the Butler County Landfill, a Bomag compactor has recently been experiencing some problems.

The Butler County Commission discussed only two items on Tuesday morning amidst the crowds of teenagers present for Butler County’s Government Day.

Following the opening and reading of bids for a sand-spreader for the highway department, Public Works Director Darryl Lutz gave the commission the recommendation of purchasing a unit from Kansas Truck Equipment Company for a cost of $15,706. Commissioner Dan Woydziak moved to approve the purchase and the motion was carried 4-0 with Commissioner Peggy Palmer absent.

While maintaining the attention of the commission, Lutz brought forth a non-agenda item. At the Butler County Landfill, a Bomag compactor has recently been experiencing some problems.

“The hydrostatic drive pump on the front right wheel went out,” explained Lutz. “We have received estimates and the estimated labor to remove and re-install a new pump or a remanufactured pump is $19,404 with an additional $14,074 core charge as well as miscellaneous parts. However, if the pump is rebuildable, the core charge is returned.

A new pump with warranty will cost $32,000.

“We’d be taking a chance going to the manufacturer hoping to have a core that is rebuildable,” Lutz said. “We have to repair this piece of equipment and get it back into operation. As a preventative measure, we do oil samples every 250 hours. We had no indication anything was going bad. I just got the most recent samples and everything looked was good. We think that maybe some fatigue in the gears in the part because we did find some pieces of metal on a drain plug.”

When Commissioner Mike Wheeler questioned what the typical procedure would be for this type of circumstance, Lutz assured the commission rebuilding is the norm.

“Most of the time on major components we tend to try to rebuild if we can,” he said. “On our CAT compactor, we did a complete rebuild with it and we’ve had fairly good luck with it. We could put it back together and it could break again, but it does have a one year warranty. This piece of equipment is just a little over five years old. My recommendation is to go the route of the remanufactured hydrostatic drive pump. I’m hoping it’s just some gears that are broken. If that’s the case, they would all be replaced as part of the rebuild.”

Wheeler moved to approve the rebuild of the hydrostatic pump for the Bomag compactor for the amount of $35,165.62. The motion was carried 4-0.

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