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  • Augusta lifts 2-year water ban

  • The governing body voted to lift the restrictions after almost two and a half years.
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  • The City of Augusta is no longer suffering from a water emergency.
    On July 5, 2011, the Augusta City Council passed a resolution declaring a water emergency due to severe drought conditions. Those conditions were further complicated by a project to rebuild the dam and spillway at the city lake.
    After that project was finally finished, drought conditions persisted and the city stayed under serious watering restrictions.
    But thanks to more than two feet of rain since July 2013, the city lake is recharged and plans are underway to repair a broken water line to Santa Fe Lake.
    “Based on previous discussions, we are at a point where we feel comfortable removing the water emergency and watering restrictions,” said Assistant City Manager Josh Shaw.
    Since the city is in little danger of not being able to supply its residents’ water demands, the governing body voted to lift the restrictions and passed a resolution to rescind the water emergency after almost two and a half years.
    The measures passed 7-0 with Jamie Crum out on maternity leave.
    The council also granted a waiver for the take or pay requirement for the City of Mulvane. The take or pay plan requires Mulvane to pay for a base level of water whether they use that amount or not.
    But since Mulvane was under the same restrictions as Augusta, they have used less than allowed to help the city maintain its supply.
    Because of this, the council allowed the waiver.
    “I think we need to give Mulvane peace of mind,” said Ward Two City Councilor Michael Wallace.
    The City of El Dorado also allowed a similar waiver for Augusta.
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