Full spoilers ahead

Patience will have to be a virtue with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Once again, the Marvel show expounds on the established characters and their interactions while balancing an intriguing storyline. But once again, the place the newest episode has within the broad scope of the series remains a mystery.

"The Hub" does get pretty heated and personal throughout the episode. Agent Coulson, who works under the "code" of the S.H.I.E.L.D. system without question, is adamantly against Skye using her electronic infiltration abilities to learn about missions and intel that are above both of their clearance level.

Skye does it anyway (wouldn't be much of a rebel if she didn't). She brings to Coulson's attention that the mission S.H.I.E.L.D. assigned to Agent Ward and Agent Fitz (yes, he's an agent as well, something he has to remind Ward) did not include an extraction plan. Translation: Suicide mission—they're on their own.

Coulson doesn't respond well to information that can cost him members of his team being withheld. He goes to his superiors in anger and lashes out, calling out the protocol and decision-making behind it. In a couple earlier episodes, Coulson's leadership abilities could have been questioned. This was not one of those times.

Coulson's dedication to his team brings the rest of them closer together. Skye and Simmons work together to uncover secret data files with details on Fitz and Ward's mission. Skye also comes across documents that reveal more about her parents' death (with an interesting twist). While Skye, who is still on probation for her acts from two episodes ago, doesn't do anything to gain Coulson's trust, it feels like her heart is in the right place, and Coulson, who has a better grasp of his team than anyone, understands that.

Ward and Fitz, who definitely haven't had extended interaction to this point, are paired together for a reason. Ward thinks he's the big brother who has to protect, but it's Fitz who turns out to be the savvy one that gets them out of sticky situations.

The mission they have before them might come back later in the show (as might so many other plot points that have been nothing more than teasers). They are tasked with infiltrating a military facility and abscond with a cool piece of weaponry tech. They get caught, but luckily for them, they can use this newly acquire weapon, a gun that immobilizes all other guns with electrical pulses.

There's still a lot of time in the season for the meat to be brought to the table, but the appetizers are getting stale and the wait is taking too long. As a consolation, though, next week's episode will continue off of storylines from the recently released "Thor 2" movie. Crossing movie and TV storylines is quite the venture, but if pulled off, will be simply awesome.