Perseverance and due process finally prevailed

To Mr. Bush,

Previously, I submitted a letter that I requested be printed in all of your newspapers in Butler County regarding easement policies. I would like to thank you for doing that. The publication of the letter did help me to get the attention and direction I needed to proceed.

Thank you to the Butler County Commissioners, especially Peggy Palmer of District 2. Peggy contacted me to offer encouragement with the process. The Commission finally did understand the issue and have taken steps to correct the wording of the policies through the Planning and Zoning Board.

Although I was extremely frustrated over the last six months, perseverance and due process finally prevailed. One of the most important lessons for me was solidified at the last Commission meeting I attended. An agenda item that day involved an elected official taking an oath of office. The words spoken included the swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. This was both amusing and poignant to me since the issue I had was one of a conflict of Butler County Policy vs. my rights under the Constitution.

I am reminded that our elected officials are just citizens, willing to serve. They are rarely experts on interpretations of our rights under the Constitution, and often rely on advice from other paid employees who may be misled or ignorant of rights of property owners. I encourage all students to embrace the government classes in public school - knowledge is power, and I encourage all citizens to be active in issues of government whenever possible.

Nancy Bacon

Rural Butler County