This weekend will be the first not-busy weekend in months

Usually four-day school weeks are painfully slow for me. The promise of a shorter week pushes my brain into skipping ahead one more day than it should, so instead of enjoying no Monday of school for my kiddos, my brain tries to pretend we’ve skipped Monday AND Tuesday, so by the end of the week I’m lamenting, “It’s only Thursday?”

But this week the weather has been so pleasant and my children have been sweeties and Baby Chickadee and I have been getting out of the house, so Thursday night I looked at my husband and couldn’t believe that the next day was Friday. Already?

This weekend will be the first not-busy weekend in months. Sports--which I enjoyed!-- are over for a while, no birthday parties this weekend, no semi-spontaneous trips to see family. Just lazing around the house and staying in pajamas Saturday morning for a good long while, with baked yumminess for all of us and extra coffee for me.

The other night I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen while the kids played in the living room, and I realized there’d been no screams of frustration in a good long while. Just long, uninterrupted play with cushions off the couch and on the floor. They’re feeling it, too, this happy down time before the rush of the holidays.

So I’m being intentional about soaking it in. I often try to be intentional, but the rush of schedules so easily clouds it for me. I’m grateful for a fast week that brings more Saturday mornings with my sweeties.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three. She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.