I applaud Mr. Bush and the entire newspaper family

Dear Times-Gazette,

Seems like only yesterday, June 1969, I went to work at The Times in the ad department. Dave Clymer, publisher; R.A. Clymer, editor, in their brand new facility and printed by a brand new "offset" printing press.

That September we published the 50th Anniversary Edition. Fifty years! R.A. had loved the Times and God's magnificent Flint Hills! Stapleton No. 1 was discovered in 1919 and El Dorado became visible to the world! Throughout his life he wrote editorials that were revered across Kansas and America, much like William Allen White – newspaperman; and Samuel Clements as he grew up in Hannibal, Mo., on the mighty Mississippi River and wrote about Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher.

R.A.'s magnificent command of the English language could be witnessed by all – sometimes fiery, sometimes prodding; sometimes poignant and inspiring as he told of the birth of the Christ child in a lowly manager on a starlight night in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, lay down His life on a cruel Roman cross 33 years later – that all who accept and believe and trust Him shall be saved for eternity!

Yes, I have been blessed, humbled and inspired by El Dorado's people for nearly 50 years. I feel a sense of sadness at the passing of this era but my memories are treasures I can rediscover with each new day. Priceless!

I applaud Mr. Bush and the entire newspaper family on their bold new undertaking into the future of El Dorado, Kan., and America.

God Bless America!

Gary Job, El Dorado

P.S. "Tempus Fugit"