A look at El Dorado's past

November 7th



Several youths in Latham were arrested for destroying property and obstructing traffic on Halloween. Their ages range in age from 13 to 19 and they will appear in court next week.

Five new cases of communicable disease were reported to the Butler County Health Department. There were two cases of scarlet fever and one each of scabies, poliomyelitis, and chickenpox. One scarlet fever quarantine was given its release.



Willie H. Scoot, of El Dorado, is a real junior college football fan. Last night, Scott and his wife drove through snow and sleet on wet, hazardous highways to Hutchinson only to discover that the game was not to be played that night. Scott then drove home only to drive back to Hutchinson the next day. This time, without his wife.

An unusual storm dumped 16 inches of snow on northern Kansas yesterday and gave the rest of the state some much-needed moisture. The snow blanket was heaviest in Phillips, Smith, Rooks, and Osbourne. El Dorado received 1.5 inches of snow in the storm.



Donald J. Rayburn, the last surviving charter member of Captain Edgar Dale Post 81 of the American Legion was presented with the U.S. Veteran's Administration's World War I 75th anniversary commemorative medal.

The Whitewater Fire Department responded to four incidents during the month of October. This compares to 9 calls in 1992 and 7 in September 1993. As the first 10 months ended, 72 responses had been made. This is fewer than the 82 made in 1992.