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  • I find it difficult to comprehend how the school board can spend over $325,000 for artificial turn for the baseball field, yet my grandkids are asked to supply at least one ream of paper every school year. Something is wrong with this picture.
    Since the (Augusta) City Council elected not to put up a community Christmas tree this year, I recommend that they put up the old Ignite Augusta display on top of the dike west of town so we can see it after returning from having dinner in Wichita.
    Now that the baseball field, which is used only sporadically during the y ear, is getting another $300k, and in addition to the new rest rooms and bleachers, my question is when are the girls softball fields, which are used all the time by the community, going to get some upgrades?
    I can’t believe the school board approved spending that much on a baseball field?! If it was too unsafe to use, then don’t use it. We all have to learn to do without during tough times. When will they ever understand that?? I’m a taxpayer and I don’t care if they play baseball or not.
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