Corey Crawford faces heroin distribution and felony paraphernalia charges

An Augusta man had his trial date set on felony drug charges even though a plea agreement is expected to be reached.

Corey Crawford faces heroin distribution and felony paraphernalia charges from incidents that occurred on August 31 of this year and again just 17 days later.

Crawford was arrested in March of 2011 and convicted in September of that year for possession of opiates. He served prison time for that offense.

Just after Thanksgiving of last year, Crawford was charged in relation to an incident where he and another man were in a home when an Augusta man overdosed on a combination of prescription and illegal drugs.

While he was still awaiting trial on those charges he became the target of one of Augusta Safety Department K9 Officer Rico’s 92 deployments in his 22 months in service with Sgt. Chad McCluskey.

When a search of Crawford’s car was completed, more than $1,500 worth of cocaine and heroin were found along with paraphernalia used in the distribution of drugs and some marijuana as well.

Crawford was charged and bonded out of jail the following week. But before he could make it to his next court appearance, Crawford was busted again, this time for possession of heroin and paraphernalia on September 17.

The trial date was set for Jan. 14, 2014. However both defense attorney Michael Barbara and the county attorney’s office indicated that a plea agreement was likely.

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