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  • Butler County 4-H members gather to honor achievements

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  • On Saturday afternoon, 4-Hers from across Butler County gathered in El Dorado to enjoy the company of their peers and honor their various achievements this past year.
    “We’re here once again to celebrate all the outstanding achievements of all the 4-Hers in the county,” said Butler County Research and Extension 4-H Youth Development Agent Charlene Miller. “You have all worked so hard and I am so proud of all you’ve accomplished.”
    During the ceremony at the Community Building, 4-Hers and leaders from 12 clubs in Butler County were recognized.
    From the Benton Busy Bees: Braden Carney - Bronze pin, junior plant science KAP; Evan Claassen - Bronze pin, Beef KAP, Jacob Claassen - Clover pin, junior and intermediate beef KAP; Morgan Claassen- Clover pin, senior beef KAP; Bailee Goad - Clover pin, intermediate fiber arts KAP; Brylee Goad - Clover pin, Lillie Haller - Membership pin, intermediate foods and nutrition and visual arts KAP; Lucy Haller - Membership pin, junior Foods and nutrition KAP; Erin Johnson - Clover pin, intermediate rabbit KAP, rabbit KAP Champion; Lauren Mandina - Bronze pin, intermediate clothing and textiles and photography KAP; Lindsey Mandina - Bronze pin, junior clothing and textiles and photography KAP; Delaney Parr - Bronze Pin; Lucas Scott - Clover pin, intermediate shooting sports KAP; Kaden Stanley - Membership pin; Ariana Stone - Membership pin, junior foods and nutrition KAP; Gunnar Stone - Membership pin, junior shooting sports KAP, Ivalea Tien - Membership pin; Emma Willour - Membership pin; Tucker Wooderson - Membership pin, junior sheep KAP
    Cassoday Boosters: Erik Eisenbarth - Gold pin, senior horse KAP; Erron Eisenbarth - Gold guard pin, senior horse KAP; Jeffrey Garcia - Silver guard pin, intermediate fiber arts, food and nutrition, meat goat, plant science, reading, visual arts, and wood science KAP; Riley Garcia - Membership pin, junior dairy goat KAP; Trena Garcia - Clover pin, junior clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, meat goat, plant science, reading, and visual arts KAP; Gaven Girty - Bronze pin, intermediate visual arts KAP; Hadley Girty - Emerald pin, intermediate visual arts KAP; Karly Girty - membership pin, junior visual arts KAP; Peyton Girty - Emerald pin, intermediate visual arts KAP; Sarah Hinnen - Membership pin, intermediate swine KAP; Cally Miller - Membership pin, junior beef, foods and nutrition, horse, photography, and visual arts/leather KAP; Laura Scribner - Membership pin, junior bucket calf, foods and nutrition and visual arts KAP; Cade Stackley - Membership pin, junior swine KAP; Madelyn Stackley - Bronze pin, intermediate swine KAP
    El Dorado Boosters: Elizabeth Johnson- Silver guard pin, intermediate foods and nutrition and reading KAP, Club officer notebook; Jason Johnson -Clover pin, intermediate reading KAP; Sadie Scribner - Membership pin, junior photography KAP
    Hickory Helpers: Chase Augur - Emerald pin; Hannah Augur - Emerald pin; Shelby Augur - Silver guard pin; Amanda Becker - Gold guard pin, senior meat goat KAP, meat goat KAP Champion; Haleigh Borg - membership pin, junior meat goat KAP; Danielle Chilcott - Gold pin, senior foods and nutrition, photography, and swine KAP, “I Dare You” Special award winner, Foods and nutrition and swine KAP Champion; Dalton Perez- Silver Guard pin, intermediate foods and nutrition and space tech KAP; Julian Perez - membership pin, junior foods and nutrition, photography, and visual arts KAP; Brandy Rigg - Silver guard pin, intermediate beef KAP; Brian Rigg - Emerald pin, intermediate dairy goat KAP; Jett Schmidt - Bronze pin
    Page 2 of 2 - Lily Lake: Jacquelyn Bogner - Bronze pin, intermediate horse KAP; Cooper Cabrales - Bronze pin, intermediate wood science KAP; Clayton Carr - Membership pin; Trevor Johnson - Silver pin, intermediate leadership and sheep KAP; Austin Taylor - Membership pin; LeeAnn Taylor - clover pin; Logan Thompson - Clover pin, intermediate horse, self-determined, shooting sports, and space tech KAP; Dakota Tireman - Clover pin, intermediate space tech KAP; Sierra Tireman - Silver pin, senior photography KAP
    North Butler: Austin Broadie - Bronze pin, intermediate foods and nutrition KAP; Jeremiah Goebel - Bronze pin, junior foods and nutrition KAP; Thomas Goebel - Clover pin, intermediate foods and nutrition and visual arts KAP; Renata Goossen - Gold pin; Shelby Henley - Bronze pin; McKenna Mann - Membership pin;
    Purple Heart: Taylor Barlett - Silver pin; Acacia Henning - Membership pin, junior foods and nutrition KAP; Allison Henning - Membership pin, junior photography KAP; Nathan Henning - Membership pin, junior shooting sports KAP; Cailan Steward - Silver guard pin; Jarrett Steward - Membership pin; Gavin Strawn - Emerald pin; Jessica Strawn - Silver pin; Reed Strawn - Silver Guard pin; Quinn Torgerson - Bronze pin
    Rose Hill Rustlers: Elliot Merck - Gold pin; Roman Merck - Silver Guard pin
    Towanda Rustlers: Jake Allen - Junior leader pin, intermediate space tech and photography KAP; Jared Allen - Emerald pin; Miranda Day-Jones - Clover pin; Katelyn Hageman - Silver pin; Shelby Varner - Silver guard pin, intermediate dairy goat KAP; Tara Varner - Gold Guard pin; Anna Webb - Silver pin; Daniel Webb - Bronze pin; Katie Webb - Emerald pin; Matthew Webb - Silver pin
    Cloverbuds: Kylee Bartlett, Madison Busch, Trent Cabrales, Seth Cerney, Hunter Cowman, Karsyn Flores, Lillian Fusion, David Henning, Emma Johnson, Braden Koontz, Sophia Lane, Emma Larsen, Cami Miller, Aiden Razey, Gabriel Schaffner, Caitlyn Swift, John Swift, Andrew Tien, Gianna VanZelfden, Mackenzy Waldorf, Rylie Wight, Ainsley Willmot and Chelsea Willour.
    4-H Ambassadors: Alex Becker - Senior dairy goat KAP, Butler County Community College Scholarship; Max Burden - Outstanding camp counselor; Faith Hadley - Senior citizenship and leadership KAP, Citizenship and leadership KAP Champion, Kiwanis 4-H Junior Leader Special Award, E.W. Nath Scholarship; Katelyn Hageman - Senior photography KAP, photography KAP Champion; Daniel Johnson - Senior leadership KAP, Service to 4-H Award and community special award, 4-H Key award; Amy Varner - Senior dairy goat KAP, E. W. Nath Scholarship, Dr. Johnson Outstanding 4-Her special award;
    Also, KAP Intermediate Awards, KAP Senior Awards were given out, as well as awards for 2012 Butler County 4-H Officer Notebooks, Outstanding Camp Counselors, Family Consumer Sciences State Fair Judging Teams, Photography State Fair Judging Teams and 4-H Leader Recognition.
    Kari Adams can be reached at kadams@butlercountytimesgazette.com.
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