CKCF is pleased to add Douglass Community Foundation to their regional service area

The Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) formalized a partnership and affiliation with the new Douglass Community Foundation.

The announcement was made official when Douglass Community Foundation Advisory Board Chair Terry Mauk and CKCF Executive Director, Sandi Fruit, signed the affiliate agreement Sept. 18.

The Douglass Community Foundation Advisory Board is comprised of the following community members: Terry Mauk, chair; Voyt Lynn, secretary; Judy Hatfield, treasurer; Polly Bloom; Larry Darter; Mary Flippo; Spencer Linville; KaLyn Nethercot, ex officio; and Rob Reynolds, ex officio.

CKCF is pleased to add Douglass Community Foundation, located in Butler County, to their regional service area. CKCF is now host to 16 affiliates.

“The affiliate model is now becoming what one might call a ‘trend’ here in Kansas,” said Sandra Fruit, executive director.

Larger regional host foundations are serving a key role for smaller communities that might otherwise not establish a local community foundation. CKCF is positioned well for providing back-office services and support to our affiliate partners so they can focus on bridging relationships and building endowment for local needs. The geographic benefit of having local donations support local needs and dreams is what makes the community foundation model such a success.

In this model, the affiliates are able to work on building relationships for endowments and they don’t have to focus attention on the day-to-day operations of the foundation. As the “host” foundation to smaller community foundations, Central Kansas Community Foundation provides back office support, including accounting, gift receipting, and online fund management, opportunities for pooled investment opportunities, education and training, and encouragement, particularly important in the early start-up years for new foundations.

Those with deep ties to Douglass and those now calling it home are proud to belong to the Douglass community and want to see it continue as a strong and vital community.

Mauk, with deep ties to the community, said, “The time was right to formalize a local community foundation that can connect community needs with donors wishing to contribute to the community now or through their estate plans.”

Currently opportunities for matching funds are also available through the Kansas Health Foundation GROW II grant awarded to Butler County.

“Consider sending in a donation, no matter how small or how large, to the Douglass Impact fund,” said Mauk.

This fund is for the community of Douglass and once endowed it will distribute grants to local charities.

Douglass Community Foundation will be volunteer run with the support of CKCF. To get involved or learn more about how to establish a fund, contact Sandi Fruit at 316-283-5474.