Susan May, Augusta, was back in court

Susan May, of Augusta, appeared in court with her newly appointed attorney Jim Watts Thursday morning for a control hearing.

Judge Jan Satterfield said she had set the hearing to ensure May, who is charged with first degree murder in the death of Richard Hrejsa on or about Sept. 18.

Watts addressed two issues during the hearing.

First he stated his objection to the presence of media, saying it has inherently changed the nature of the process and hinders the ability of his client to get a fair trial.

The second issue he addressed was the need for his client to have glasses so she can read the documents given her.

Satterfield said she had let May borrow some reading glasses the last time she was in court but did not send them with her because May thought she would be getting her own back.

"One of the issues was she was on watch, so they didn't want to giver her any kind of items, even glasses," Satterfield said.

She said if needed, she would sign an order stating May needs access to her glasses when she is meeting with her attorney.

The judge and attorneys also discussed some additional subpoenas, setting Nov. 14 as a special hearing that will be closed to the public.

"We will hold a special hearing that involves some subpoenas that involve private and somewhat protected information as it relates to medical information," Satterfield said.

The preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 27.