Students and bus driver are safe after bus overturns in cold water

Butler County law enforcement and rescue units were dispatched this afternoon around 4 p.m. after receiving a call that a Douglass school bus had overturned in a flooded creek near 190th and Hopkins Switch Rd., northeast of Douglass.

Ten students were on board in addition to the bus driver.

Worried parents waited about 1/2 mile down the road while rescue units were at the accident location with their children.

Three ambulances transported the rescued children and reunited them with their parents.

Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet spoke to news media at the scene, "Everyone is okay. The big kids helped the small kids out of the bus and on top. The bus driver was in the cold water so he's being checked out at nearby hospital. The Butler County Rescue, the Augusta Water Rescue, Douglass Fire and the Butler County EMS all were here. The Kansas Highway Patrol is working the accident," he continued, "We had a lot of rain. The road was wet and the water was rushing over the road."

Sheriff Herzet did advise that the bus driver is male, but had no idea of age or identity.

Sixth grader Josh Barker was happy to be rescued. He responded when asked if at any point was he afraid, "No, not really. We're all okay. I think the bus driver might have hurt his back, though."

(Check back later for more information when it becomes available.)