The Comptons have done nothing but goodness

To the Gazette:

In regards to Kent Bush and Kristey Williams business news article on 10/26/2013;

It’s because of the wrong doings of the City of Augusta that created this problem for the couple wanting to have a small business in Augusta.

The City turned water and electricity on at their 503 location when they didn’t ask them to do so. They knew nothing about it for days. Water was flowing in that location and destroyed it for what they had intended to do.

This City would not pay for their mistake, for the damage they had done to this property. They wanted the Comptons to pay for the City’s mistake.

Now, that is the reason for this mess.

What a shame for Augusta.

The Comptons have done nothing but goodness for the people of Augusta and their aim and goal was always to please the people of Augusta.

I’m praying for the Comptons and their business and trusting God to deal with all of you who are causing their pain and suffering. Amen.

Alta Mae Jones