Exciting things are happening with the Arts Council

To the Gazette:

First and foremost, we would like to thank the community of Augusta for their continued support of the Augusta Arts Council and the Augusta Historic Theatre. As always, it is our mission to provide entertaining events that foster, promote and encourage an appreciation for the arts in Augusta and the surrounding areas.

In doing so, exciting things are happening with the Arts Council. We are currently planning our theatre programs and events for 2014. Our audience can expect the continuation of current movies, popular past programs for children (children's theatre, art camps, Trick or Treat Street, our annual Christmas movie and more). We will also be introducing new programs in the coming year!

With the loss of our talented director of 10 years, some programs have been postponed or cancelled for this year but will be in the strategic planning for the coming year. However, we have amazing volunteers and members who have helped fill in the gaps and have even created a new event for this weekend - a spook-filled Stephen King double feature event!

Sometimes change can also bring conflict. It is our understanding that there is a small group of people sharing incorrect information about the Arts Council who are attempting to decrease or remove the support and helping hands of our community that we rely upon to keep our doors open. It is our hope to move forward with the continued support of our community. Let’s move forward together!

As always, we welcome any suggestions and are here to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact any of the Arts Council members.

We are excited about all that is to come and look forward to having fun working together for a bright and successful future.

The Augusta Arts Council Board,

Connie Thurman

William M. Morris

Alyson Smith

Nita Allen

William A. Morris

Mark McCollom

Joe Penneycuff

Malissa Murphy