Stephanie Brewer, the membership director of the Andover YMCA, is moving on.

Stephanie Brewer, the membership director of the Andover YMCA, is moving on.

Brewer, who’s been the Andover Y’s membership director since May 2011, is moving into a new position at the YMCA Metro Office. Starting Monday, Brewer will be the Membership Development Director for the Greater Wichita YMCAs.

“What I’ll be doing mainly, first off the bat, is getting all trainings together for our staff, focusing on customer service and our processes at the membership desk, going around to the branches, talking to our staff, seeing what they really need,” Brewer said. “I’ll be a pretty busy gal.”

She attended Wichita State University, where she earned a degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance and business management. She graduated in December 2007. Before coming to the YMCA, she had been coaching competitive softball for a few years.

Brewer has worked for Wichita YMCAs since July 2008, when she started as a part-time membership associate at the North Branch. A month later, the full-time manager-on-duty position opened, Brewer applied and got the job. She stayed in that position until May 2011, when she came to the Andover branch, where she’s been the membership director for her entire tenure.

Her first official full day in her new position is Monday. Brewer’s last day at the Andover Y is Friday. She began splitting time between her new position and her duties in Andover two weeks ago to slowly make the transition.

Brewer said the opportunity for her new position came from discussions she was having with Jennifer Keen, the vice president of membership and wellness for the Greater Wichita YMCAs.

“She was talking to me about this position she was thinking of trying out and that she felt I was the perfect fit for it and pretty much just offered it to me,” Brewer said.

            Because she’s been with the YMCA for about five-and-a-half years now, Brewer said she was looking for some sort of change. During a conversation with Keen at the end of the summer, they talked about where Brewer saw her career going.

“She knew I wanted to be an executive director one day and asked had I ever thought about working in the corporate office and I told her I never had,” Brewer said. “And lo-and-behold, like a month later, I get an offer for this position.

Brewer said the change is good for her because the Y is where she wants to be.

“I’m excited for this move in my career because I think it’s good,” she said. “It’s what I want to do, which is membership.”

For Brewer, the most exciting part about her new position is that it’s brand-new. She said it has no blueprint for what it all will entail.

“I guess the unknown is exciting about how this position could help our association,” Brewer said.

Brewer’s replacement as Andover’ membership director is Bubbie Nixon, who has worked in membership at Andover since 2010.

 “It’ll be a different place without Stephanie, but we’re excited that Bubbie’s taking on that role,” Andover Y executive director Shane Loy said.

            With a baby due in March, Brewer said she will have to wait and see if she will need to adjust her schedule. However, she said, if the need exists, it will be easier in her new role.

“What will be nice is that because I’m not in a facility, I don’t have to worry about the weekend hours, staff calling in sick and me having to come in,” Brewer said. “My schedule will be pretty consistent, which I think is a lot easier when it comes to having a child.”

Brewer said she will miss her staff and the members the most. She added that she’ll miss the daily interaction with members she’s had over the last five years. In addition, she said, it will be challenging having to get used to a different daily schedule.

“I’m so used to being housed in a branch and having my daily routine being like: I come in here, I do paperwork, I answer calls, I deal with my staff, deal with members and in my new position, I’m finding out that I really don’t know how to structure my day,” Brewer said. “I think that what will be most challenging is making that transition from interacting with a lot of people to not interacting much most of my day with them.”

Loy, however, thinks Brewer will do just fine as the Membership Development Director.

“I think she’s gonna be phenomenal,” Loy said. “She’s been working in membership so long that she knows the ins and outs of membership and she’s ready to take on the responsibility of now working with membership across all eight branches, which I think will help the YMCA succeed. It’ll help us to be more efficient.