Man involved in police chase last week found dead in pool

The body of Nicholas Vampran was recovered Sunday after he had gone missing following a police chase.

"It all started on the 16th when we got information there was a chase going on," said Sheriff Kelly Herzet.

The Derby Police Department was chasing a vehicle that had failed to stop.

Herzet said they had ended up on SW 120th in Glazing Meadows.

"The suspect jumped out and took off," Herzet said. "He was in a stolen vehicle."

Law enforcement set up a perimeter with dogs from Sedgwick County, Haysville and Andover and searched until about 4 that morning, but they were not able to locate Vampran.

Then on Oct. 18, Vampran's mother filed a missing person's report.

On Sunday, a couple of Vampran's friends who hadn't seen him and knew where he jumped out of the vehicle went looking for him. Herzet said they went around and asked landowners for permission to search for him. They found a body floating in a pond and called 911.

Deputies then recovered the body and he was taken to the Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center where he was positively ID'd Monday.

"I don't know if he got in the water because the dogs were tracking him and he thought the dogs couldn't track him in the water," Herzet said.

It was determined to be a drowning.

Vampran had served time in the Department of Corrections for theft, fleeing police officers and driving while suspended in 2012. He was released from prison on Sept. 27 of this year.