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31 Days of Scream-O-Ween! - X-ray / Schizoid Double Feature
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Oct. 19, 2013 5:20 p.m.

By Adam Ruhl
Scream Factory has done a brilliant job of releasing
overlooked horror films on Blu-ray discs loaded with features. Many of these
films are well known classics and cult favorites sporting special collectorís
editions with original art on the cover. Scream Factory has also put out a
wholly different but equally compelling type of release; one that again takes
me back to the old independent video store horror shelf. This Blu-ray/DVD combo
is a Scream Factory Double Feature with the films X-Ray and Schizoid, two films
that to be honest I had never heard of and frankly had difficulty finding solid
information about. Please forgive my ignorance if you are a hardcore fan of
these titles as I will be assessing them as a first time viewer with a new
find. <>
The Film:<>
First up is X-Ray, though it has apparently had many names
in its time such as Hospital Massacre and the pre-release title Be My Valentine
or Else! This is one of the multitudes of holiday themed slasher pics to come
out in the wake of Friday the 13th. The Valentineís Day theme is a
background element in the 1961 and 1980 portions of the film (though they had
to be aware they had been beaten to the punch by My Bloody Valentine which may
have prompted the more generic name change).<>
The film starts with a flashback to 1961; Susan is a young
girl who rejects the valentine of young Harold. In retribution he hangs her BF
in her living room. Cut to 1980 and Susan goes to the hospital for a routine
checkup. Unbeknownst to her, Harold has tracked her down, dressed as a surgeon,
and has begun slicing up hospital staff all around her.
X-Ray is a fun 80ís slasher film, full of bright red stage
blood and partial nudity. Harold is an absurd, heavy mouth breathing killer. Hands
down the best thing about this movie, more entertaining than the gore elements
is this hospital Susan visits. Itís completely bizarre unless itís David Lynch
Memorial and at no point is any of the madness explained. Itís not a mental
institute, but everyone occupying it is completely insane and weíre to believe
that itís a totally normal environment. It adds a lot of unintentional fun to
the film. <>
Schizoid, has a more serious tone. Julie is an advice
columnist who receives threatening letters that coincide with the stabbings of
members of her support group. She suspects the letters come from someone close
to her and the stabbings are related. This film also has an early film role of
Christopher Lloyd, post- Cuckooís Nest but three years before he was a Klingon
and five before Doc Brown. <>
The film has a fun 70ís horror sensibility with a soundtrack
to match and a few clever moments. However, Schizoid takes itself more
seriously than X-Ray and is slower paced which makes it the less fun of the two
to watch. Also, Schizoid features a lot of Klaus Kinski kissing women which can
get unpleasant. If watching these back to back I recommend starting with
Schizoid and work up to X-Ray. <>
The Disc:<>
X-Ray looks great, the transfer is probably the best this
film ever looked. However itís clear that there were camera problems on certain
shots. Some shots have a dizzying frame giggle but it goes away when the shot
changes. <>
Schizoid is transferred with the same care and it exposes
some beautiful cinematography. Both features have very little bonus content, an
interview each and Schizoids theatrical trailer.
The Features:
  • X-Ray: Interview
  • with Director Boaz Davidson<>
  • Schizoid:
  • Interview with Actress Donna Wilkes and theatrical trailer<>
    The Specs:<>
  • 1080p Hi-Def widescreen 1.78:1<>
  • DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo<>
  • English-only Audio & Subtitles<>
  • Original Release: X-ray 1983 / Schizoid 1980 <>
  • Runtime: X-ray 89 minutes / Schizoid 89 minutes <>
  • X-ray Rated R / Schizoid Rated R <>
  • <>
    Final Grades:
    X-Ray: B / Standard slasher but crazy enough setting to hold
    interest and have some laughs.
    Schizoid: B- / The film has a good premise but never manages
    to build the needed suspense.
    Add X-ray and Schizoid to your collection, click HERE!
    Check out yesterday's Scream Factory review, Prison!

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