Augusta man finds class ring and then finds owner

John Burns of Bel Aire, Kan. thought his class ring was gone forever until he received a call last weekend from Paul Self of Augusta.

"I was in the Caney Valley High School Class of 1973 and the ring was stolen from my residence over 15 years ago. I thought it was gone forever," Burns explained.

Self found the class ring about 11 years ago while raking leaves in his front yard in the 100 block of Main St.

"When I found it, I thought perhaps it had been in some dirt left over from the street curbing project and I had placed under the bush to cover its roots. And after some time, rain had just brought the ring to the surface," Self continued, "Now I'm not sure if it was in the dirt or if it was just tossed there."

At the time of the discovery it was more difficult to connect lost items to owners. Self put the ring away, but never let go of the hope of some day finding the owner.

Last June he decided to get on Facebook and see if he could find someone connected to the Caney Valley Class of 1973.

"I did come up with someone in the Caney Valley Class of 1972 who lived in Arizona and sent a message. I didn't hear back but last week I received a Facebook friend request from a man in Katy, Texas. Apparently he had been contacted from the person in Arizona about the ring, and he felt the ring could belong to John Burns."

The man in Texas had contacted Burn's sister, who lived in Oklahoma City. The sister advised that there was a definite possibility of the ring belonging to her brother. Self called the sister and she in turn gave him her brother's contact information.

When Self spoke to Burns and advised that he had found his class ring about 11 or 12 years ago in his front yard, Burn's response was, "Really?"

Burns was excited to learn that his ring had been found and made a quick trip to Augusta to claim it. He attempted to pay Self for his kindness, but was told, "No, it might ruin my karma."

The mystery remains, however, on how the ring made its way to Augusta.