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#CBBTV: Season 1 DVD Releasing Jan 21st
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Oct. 18, 2013 5:20 p.m.

NOTE: That afro is NOT Photoshopped.

If you're a fan of the immensely popular podcast, or if you've never heard of Comedy BANG! BANG! before, LOOK OUT!  Because the first hit season is hitting shelves and laserdisc players on JANUARY 21, 2014!!

I, Alan Trehern, am one of the lucky fictional people to be followed by Comedy BANG! BANG! on Twitter (@comedyBANGBANG), and I am a die-hard fan of the podcast and the television program.  CBB TV is unpredictable, quirky, improvised and F*CKING ridiculous, just like the flagship Earwolf.com podcast.  In their inaugural season on IFC, host Scott Auckerman (Fist Puncherman...) and bandleader Reggie Watts welcome guests like Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm, Tenacious D, Aziz Ansari, the vivacious Elizabeth Banks (call me.) and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Each episode is built differently, which really allows the audience to have a unique experience with every single installment of the season.  Many talk shows have the same, naggingly worn-out structure.  Regis and Kelly (RIP) for instance: segment one is news talk, and then the guest segments and then hopefully someone gets attacked by an orangutan or an ocelot during a San Diego zoo piece.  But on Comedy Bang! Bang!, forget that segments even exist, man, because the borders of Time and Space are there to be manipulated.  Skits will be born out of nowhere, and you find yourself tripping through bizarre, addicting and sometimes creepy comedy.  As a parody of the talk show genre, it mocks in a way that creates more entertainment and social commentary, trumping the mainstream talk shows in many ways.

Or I could be totally over-analyzing it; this could just be comedy for comedy sake.  If that's the case, it breaks many of the conformed ideas of a comedy-skit show.  Either way, it's worth every second; and speaking of seconds, CBB TV is currently in its second season on IFC!  So if you can't wait until Jan. 21st, set your tuners to Fridays at 10 PM/9 PM Central!  

My final rating of Comedy BANG! BANG! TV (Season 1):

8 out of 10 El Chupacabras!! JEESSS???

Audio Commentaries                      

Deleted Scenes                    

Deleted Interview Questions          

Insult Supercut From "The Assassin"                  

Ultimate Teaser Trailer                  

Alternate Title Sequence                

Supercut Of Reggie Watt's Commercial Intros/Outros              

Director Ben Berman's Test Shoots For Special Effects            

IFC Promos     

Official Website of CBB on IFC 


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