The USD 490 Board of Education is looking into adding a restroom and storage facility at the new middle school.

The USD 490 Board of Education is looking into adding a restroom and storage facility at the new middle school.

Superintendent Sue Givens said they had a visit from a company that makes pre-engineered buildings with doors similar to a storage unit where each different sport could have their own storage area, as well as the YMCA. The siding could be created to nearly be identical to the stucco on the new building.

Similar to the vocational building, there would be a canopy extension that comes out and creates a covered walkway, as well as a longer covered porch area.

It also would include a framed-in window that could later be an expansion for a concession stand.

“At this point we’re not having games out there,” said Norm Wilks, director of fiscal services. “Our use of that is really for practice.”

Their need at this point is for drinking fountains and restrooms for PE classes and after-school practices.

The district would be responsible for the concrete pad on which the building would be placed.

Wilks said they talked about doing this on the north side of the school but that would limit the width to about 30 to 34 feet, with up to 150 feet available for the length.

“We don’t have a place in the middle school with adding a second gym to really store all those things,” Wilks said of the various sports equipment. “This will be a relatively inexpensive way to add storage.”

They will bring drawings and samples to the November board meeting.

In other business, the board:

• heard an update from Jefferson and Lincoln Elementary Principal Linda Johnson. As of Friday there were 138 students at Lincoln and 199 at Jefferson, which includes pre-K. Johnson said her goals for this semester is the evaluation piece, which she said is exciting but has to be spot on. She also is developing an efficiency of the leadership duties between the two buildings. She tries to be in each building half of each day.

“It’s very exciting to me to have the same families in both schools,” Johnson said.

• enrollment is down 34.8 students, which is right where they expected to be. That is about equal to what the district was up last year and they are hoping the three-year average is steady or up. The total full-time equivalent is 1880.3, with kindergarten being way up this year and Encore being down.

• approved an extension of the agreement with Cohen-Esery for the old middle school. They have reapplied for the grant, so the conditional contract which was set to close by January 2014 has been extended to February through May.

• approved a bid from Four States Maintenance for $30,493 for custodial equipment for the new middle school, as well as some updates for the equipment for Skelly.

• reviewed policy changes.

• received the document with legislative policy the KASB delegate assembly will be voting on at the Kansas Association of School Boards convention in December.