The EMS Cats cross country team hosted their invitational last week.

The EMS Cats cross country team hosted their invitational last week.

“This was the best race day for the season. The conditions were great with southerly winds and temperature in the mid 80s. There were over 350 runners in all races combined,” said EMS head coach Les Limon.

EMS had seven runners medal and 17 out of 21 runners running their personal best.

“Christian Price had his best race (knocking off 26 seconds), he claims it was because he lost his shoe and ran barefooted,” said Limon.

The 7th grade boys won their division with Ezekiel Kemboi, Jarin Koehler, Seth Flurry, and Adam Haines making up the team with Christian Price.

Grace Myers and Cale Carson continue to run well in their races and were the only 8th graders medaling.

“If we continue to practice as we have been, we will be ready for the League Meet which will be October 14th,” said Limon.


8th grade girls

Grace Myers—9.50 (3) , McKenna Stewart—11.32, BreAnna Simmons—11.56, Heather Doan—12.22

8th grade boys:

Cale Carson—9.17 (11), Mason Paye—10.54, Tyler Luehrs—10.58, Garret Motter—11.22, Dylan Brown—12.11

7th grade girls

Cassidy Hamilton—6.52, Ashalegha Wehry—7.58, Augie Holmes—8.33

7th grade boys

Christian Price—5.41 (2), Ezekiel Kemboi—5.46 (5), Jarin Koehler—5.46 (5), Seth Flurry—6.03 (16), Adam Haines—6.03 (17), Trey Myers—6.16, Tristen Rogers—6.32, Nicholas Heilman—6.56, Dwa-vi Deslouches—7.24