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  • Costello: "Toy Story of Terror" full of Pixar goodness

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  • Everyone's favorite toys are back together in a Halloween special that brings out the greatest fears of being a toy.
    "Toy Story of Terror" had it all: dismembered toy arms and hands, a vicious attacking creature, a Pez dispenser throwing up candy and the ever-looming threat of being sold on "Ebid" (great comical touch) for a pretty penny. While the toys' owner, a little girl, and her family check into a hotel overnight, Mr. Potato Head goes missing, and Buzz, Woody, Jessie (the cowgirl) and the crew are on a mission to save him.
    Of course, as with most scary stories, the toys get separated and some even go missing. The nice touch about the cliche story was the play-by-play that one toy, the hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants, gives because he knows how these horror stories play out (Tongue-in-cheek delightfulness abounds with this).
    Jessie, the most scared toy of them all, finds help with a long lost soldier toy, Combat Carl, who only talks in the third person. He's bitter after losing both a comrade and his hand in action, but he's still enthusiastic to a fault.
    The toys eventually get imprisoned in a glass case, and they must make use of paper clips and other useful items to spring free. Woody, who has been sold on "EBid" for a big chunk of money, gets packaged, and the toys turn to Jessie to face her fears and save the day. On a side note, Woody's buyer also bid on Jessie, so he possibly is the collector in Toy Story 2 who knew how valuable that cowboy set was.
    In the end, the mystery of the missing toys is revealed as the hotel manager proves to be the culprit. The moment he gets caught screamed of Scooby-Doo. He would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky toys, and the little girl, too.
    Yes, there was plenty packed into a half-hour episode. Here's to hoping this isn't the last time we see this group of together get into mischievous adventures.
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