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  • Mr. Malone, why do you want to stop the progress of Augusta? What is your agenda?...why are you are trying to stop the hotel and even admit you would start a petition to force a public vote?
    I got the point of Mr. Kincaid’s letter, but I find it humorous that he feels that being stating someone’s a Republican is name calling.
    In reference to Saturday’s Letter to the Editor: “Hotel process shameful” -the City Council constantly discusses what the City’s needs are. No “tiny” dollars are being spent in Andover. A lot of money is going there to the hotel, restaurants, gas stations, etc. The writer of the letter is concerned that the money would stay here in Augusta and not go to his business. His intentions are transparent.
    Ha, Ha, Ha. Who woulda thought it would be insulting to call someone a Republican in Kansas? It's not like he was called a Liberal, Socialist, Islamist.
    I see the gentleman who owns the hotel in Andover has written another letter defending his opposition to a hotel in Augusta. I'm curious why he was in favor of tax incentives for HIS hotel in another community, but is against them for his own community? Why didn't he disclose his Andover ownership interests in his original letter? Why didn't he disclose the value of the tax incentives that go into HIS pocket?
    Mr. Johnson should offer his services to the City so they can understand hotel tax incentives as well as he claims he does. Admittedly, he understands the value of receiving tax incentives while the City will need to learn the value of giving them.
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