A look at Augusta's past



Car dealers were warned that they were required to sell cars on a first-come, first-serve basis to person who presented ration certificates. Dealers who refused would have their permits to get and sell cars pulled.

The community was shocked to hear that Lloyd Lionel “L.L.” Hallock, 47, foreman at the Socony-Vacuum refinery and Augusta City Councilman, had died suddenly while working at his farm.

Staff Sgt. Bob Cyphers, former member of the Gazette staff and stationed in North Africa, wrote the paper that he had been quite surprised when he was sitting in his tent and in walked Roy “George” Mabry, also a hometown boy. Cyphers reported the two enjoyed a good visit.



The Annual Fall Flower Show had been canceled due to the drought.

Several saddle clubs participated in the Pony Express Run from Topeka to Wichita. El Dorado place first, Topeka second, Wichita third, and Augusta fourth.

A rainmaker had arrived in Butler County and hoped to end the severe drought. According to the official weather bureau in Topeka, no rain was in sight.



Six young ladies had entered the Miss Augusta contest: Kris Kuhn, Vickie Lunger, Paulette Mann, Candy Small Sondra Tinker, and Martha Wagner.

A local youth was apprehended after attempting to take money from John Moyle at his residence, 804 State St. The youth had gone to Moyle’s front door and when Moyle answered, the young man pulled a gun. The teen threatened Moyle and demanded money. A tug-of-war with the door resulted until Moyle told the teen that he would get him some money. The youth relaxed his grip, giving Moyle a chance to slam and lock the door. The youth got scared and ran. Moyle slipped out the back door and went to a neighbor’s to call the police. The would-be-robber was apprehended at the high school later that same day.



Congressman Garner Shriver was honored for his 25 years of legislative service a a special dinner.

Dan E. Helmer had purchased the Schneider Brothers Grain & Feed on Dearborn. Schneider Brothers elevator company was formed in 1945 when Frank Schneider and Lorenzo Schneider purchased the elevator business of J.J. Manion, located on State, where Parks Motors was later located. Seven years later the Schneiders built the elevator on Dearborn.

Big national news - Vice President Spiro Agnew had resigned following weeks of federal investigation in connection with alleged kick backs in Maryland, where he had once served as governor.



Santa Fe Railroad no longer planned to keep an agent at the local depot. Burlington Northern Railroad had announced a month earlier that it intended to do away with the local agent’s job, as well.

Jack Nelson pulled a 52 1/2 pound flathead from the City Lake. Since 1980, Nelson had caught two fish a year weighing over 30 pounds.

Ten members of Augusta High’s cross country team were placed on probation for extra curricula activities involving hazing incidents.



Augusta received 2 inches or more of rainfall over a weekend. An intense hailstorm caused a lot of roof damage.

Jerod Cantu led the Orioles to a 43-14 win over Winfield and the Orioles were going up against Ark City in a crucial district contest.

Cold temps had arrived with the mercury dropping to 28 degrees.



AHS junior Erica Cram qualified for the State golf tournament in Pratt.

Martin Yeager was the new director of Augusta’s Main Street program.

Test revealed that more than a dozen people in Butler County had become ill during the year as a result of West Nile Virus.

An overnight rain left anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of rain across the county. Rivers east and west of Augusta were over flood stage.