The Andover Central Jaguar football team just can’t seem to get a break.

They were defeated by the Salina Central Mustangs 30-6 Friday. The game was the third week in a row the Jaguars were defeated at District Stadium, the other two being Maize South and the Andover Trojans.

Both sides were slow to score. Salina Central threw several incomplete passes in the first quarter. When Central regained possession after that, they didn’t go far down the field before a play check was called and Salina Central took the ball.

At 2:14 in the first quarter, junior Tyler Harris caught a pass from senior Blake Meier in the end zone and scored the Jaguars’ only touchdown. The first quarter ended with the Jaguars up by six.

Since the Mustangs were close to scoring at the end of the first quarter, they were able to quickly score their first touchdown, tying the score at six. Later in the second quarter, Salina Central scored again, brining their lead to 13-6., where it remained through halftime.

Into the third quarter, it appeared the Jaguars would score again, until Vance Johnson of Salina Central intercepted a pass. Another Salina Central player made a long yard run and scored another touchdown, bringing the Mustang lead to 20-6 over the Jaguars.

A second touchdown by the Mustangs seemed to happen late in the third quarter, but two penalties were called on the play. The play was deemed bad, so the touchdown was no good. This lead to a first and goal play at the 20-yard line, where the Mustangs soon scored a 3-point field goal.

The Mustangs scored a final touchdown midway through the final quarter, bringing the score to 30-6, where it stayed until the game ended, leading to a Jaguar defeat.

“It was a frustrating night,” head coach Tom Audley said. “I thought we played well in the first half. In the second half, they made good play on the interception and we didn’t respond real well. We let the game get away from us. I didn’t think that we played very good team football in the second half”

Audley said he thinks the team is a better one than what they showed on the field against Salina Central.

“We just need to get everybody on the same page,” he said.

While disappointed in the loss, Audley said the Mustangs deserve credit for their win.

“Salina Central, despite their record, is a very good offensive team,” Audley said. “Offensively, they’re one of the best teams in the state. They had some pretty good weapons. I can’t take any credit away from them. I think they played very well and they got after us in the second half.”