Thursday night's Powder Puff game was called off late in the fourth quarter after a player was injured during a play.

Kylie Wesbrooks caught a pass and was tackled from behind, and her head hit the turf hard on the way down. Officials had to call the paramedics, and Wesbrooks was carted off the field strapped down on a stretcher. She was being taken to KMC Hospital.

(UPDATE): Kylie's mother Katie informed that Kylie had a CT scan and x-rays taken. Doctors confirmed that Kylie had a bad concussion. X-rays for her neck and knee were negative. She was on meds and was able to talk to her family and friends with her. A timetable for her recovery is still to be determined, but Katie said Kylie will miss sports for a while.

Kylie is a 16-year-old junior at Augusta High School, which was hosting its Fall Homecoming community festivities. The Powder Puff game is the night's showcase finale where the girls play a flag football game and the boys coach the game. The teams are divided into seniors and underclassmen.

Check back for more information as updates come in.