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by Garon Cockrell
31 Days of Scream-O-Ween! - The Vampire Lovers
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Oct. 9, 2013 5:25 p.m.

by Garon Cockrell<>

If you dare…taste the deadly passion of the

blood-nymphs!  Or if you prefer, lesbian

vampires.   Also Hammer.  So I’m pretty sure you’ve stopped reading

this already.<>


The Vampire Lovers

The Film:

The Vampire Lovers is an adaptation of the J. Sheridan La

Fanu’s novella Carmilla and tells the story of a female vampire (vampiress?)

stalking a village in eighteenth century Europe and the group of men tracking

her down.   Putting aside that social

commentary for a moment, you might find yourself enjoying this one.  It’s got plenty of nudity if that’s what you

are interested in.  It’s wonderfully shot

and acted and is a nice addition to the vampire oeuvre.  <>

That said it is about lesbian vampires so you’ll get plenty

of that too.  Of course they are quite

beautiful.   <>

The Disc:<>

The film was released in 1970 and Scream Factory has given

us a stunning transfer.  The colors

explode off the screen. It looks brand new but still has that classic Hammer

atmosphere and feeling.   It’s a

testament to Scream Factory that they give 100% on all of their titles,

including a lesbian vampire cult film that a lot people may never have even

heard of.  It’s definitely one worth

checking out.<>

The Features:

  • Feature Length Commentary with Roy Ward Baker (Director), Tudor Gates (Writer) and Ingrid Pitt (Carmilla) moderated by Jonathan Sothcott

  • Excerpts from the novella Carmilla, that inspired the film, read by Ingrid Pitt

  • Interview with Madeline Smith (Emma)

  • Interviews with Hammer Films Scholars

  • Radio Spot<>


The Specs:

  • 1080p High Definition Widescreen (1.78.1)

  • DTS HD Master Audio Mono

  • Original Release: 1970

  • Runtime:  91 minutes

  • Rating: R<>

Final Grades:<>

Story:  A / Great

original tale about sexy vampiresses on the hunt and Peter Cushing on the


Presentation: A / Gorgeous picture.  A really wonderful transfer.

Scare Factor:  B /

It’s not very scary.  It’s a little

creepy but it’s more of an erotic sort of creep fest.   I don’t think you’ll be looking over your

shoulder while you’re watching.

Gore Factor:  B / Not

very much gore at all.  There is a little

bit of cringe but Id barely call it gore.

Repeat view-ability: 

B / It’s a good film worth repeating. 

I’m sure there are people out there who will find PLENTY of reasons to

watch it again.



Add The Vampire Lovers to your collection, click HERE!


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