Commissioner Chase Locke will be serving as the new liaison for the El Dorado Youth Commission.

Commissioner Chase Locke will be serving as the new liaison for the El Dorado Youth Commission.

Commissioner David Chapin, the current liaison, announced he would like to step down from the Youth Commission after six years during the El Dorado City Commission meeting Monday evening.

“It’s been a great time for me,” Chapin said. “I’ve experienced a great bunch of kids. I hate to step down in one way because I love working with them, but I just don’t have enough days in the week anymore.”

Locke was nominated to take that position and it was approved.

“Thank you for the work you have done with the Youth Commission,” Commissioner Bill Young told Chapin. “They have been very active in the last few years I’ve been here and a few years before that. You’ve given them some great projects with the fireworks and trash and recycle. I think it’s great as a city and as a commission we participate in the Youth Commission and get the kids involved to do their part to shape the future direction of El Dorado.”

In other business:

• Locke said he had received a petition regarding the city’s fireworks ordinance, which he will get to City Manager Herb Llewellyn.

• Mayor Mike Fagg asked about the city taking possession of the property at 827 S. Washington and asked why the city acquired it. He was told it was purchased as part of building demolition. Fagg was concerned because of the condition of the lot.

• Fagg asked why they purchased 127 N. Griffith and was told they purchased it because the police department needed it for storage. He also was concerned with the property at 124 N. Jones and asked city staff to look at it.

• Fagg asked about Towanda Street. He wanted to call a meeting of all interested parties regarding the need for improvement. He wanted to start fresh with that and see if there was something they could turn over with it. Llewellyn said they would start by sending a letter to the major parties to let them know the city was interested in addressing it again.

• Llewellyn informed the commission of a case before the Supreme Court regarding a city commission who does an invocation before the meeting like El Dorado does and it has been challenged. Llewellyn will be following the case.

• appointed Kenny Eaton to the Recreation Commission.