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  • The GOP’s shutdown game plan: Create a fake middle ground and blame Democrats for refusing to negotiate. What they’re hiding is the absurdity of the Republican position: that a law (Obamacare) passed by both houses of Congress, fully debated in a subsequent presidential election, and unsuccessfully challenged in more than 40 legislative votes by the losing side should be subject to repeal, defunding or delay because a single party, narrowly controlling a single chamber of Congress, otherwise refuses to fund the rest of the government. Don’t shut down the government simply because you don’t like a law that has already passed. That’s not how it works. Grow up.
    Everybody is wanting to blame the Republican party for the shut down...our President is trying to be a little dictator with his crony Harry Reid. If they’d straighten up and quit crying like little babies we might get this job done and get the country back on track.
    I’m excited and grateful to be able to afford health insurance now. Things are looking up for me.
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