Raising $400,000 is no small feat, but the United Way volunteers are up to the challenge.

Raising $400,000 is no small feat, but the United Way volunteers are up to the challenge.

United Way Campaign Chair Sandy Zieman announced the goal during the kick-off lunch Wednesday.

"Are you guys ready for this 2014 campaign that is going to be absolutely fabulous?" asked United Way Executive Director Kristi Kloeblen.

She went on to introduce the speaker for the lunch, County Administrator Will Johnson, who talked about what the United Way means to the county.

He said when he came to Butler County from Wichita he came with the culture and mindset the United Way is important.

"I discovered our county did not participate in the United Way," he said.

When Johnson came to Butler County two employees gave $200.

"That was not acceptable," he said.

Then after his first year here the giving increased to $8,500 and has grown ever since.

"We are up to almost 25 percent of the workforce now who give," he continued.

He said county employees work at their jobs because they are committed to helping their communities. For that same reason, they are committed to the campaign.

One hope Johnson has is in the future the campaign will tie in all of Butler County. Currently fundraising in the western part of the county goes to Wichita.

"Good luck in your campaign," Johnson told the group. "May you each reach and exceed your goals."

Zieman then talked to the group.

"Our mission is to involve citizens in the community-wide effort to improve life for all," she said.

The United Way funds 24 agencies throughout Butler County.

She said three quotes summed up this year's goal.

The first was "If you can dream it, you can do it," by Walt Disney. The second was "Believe you can and you're halfway there," by Theodore Roosevelt. The final quote was "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible" by Audrey Hepburn.

Packets were handed out to the volunteers and they left on the encouragement of Kloeblen, who said, "I say go team!"