The middle of September two individuals, Floyd Britting and Robert (Bob) Shipman, passed away.

The middle of September two individuals, Floyd Britting and Robert (Bob) Shipman, passed away. The two although a generation apart in age transcended a bygone era of El Dorado and the surrounding area.

Floyd was a veteran of the Armed Services who served in World War II and the Korean War. Floyd was a member of the Greatest Generation. It was his generation who saved the world from tyranny with the allied victory in World War II.

My earliest memory of Floyd Britting is operating a Skelly Service Station at the northeast corner of Vine and Central. There were several Skelly stations in the El Dorado area at that time. Floyd’s station always had great service and you could trust Floyd to do high quality work at a reasonable price. His station employees pumped the gas, washed your windows, checked oil, water, etc. They even checked your tire pressure and put air in the tires if needed for free.

I first met Bob through his cousins when his family was living in Potwin. Bob had really nice cousins. There were the Poeschel’s where the mothers were sisters. (Mrs. Poeschel was one of the all-time great ladies and mothers of any generation. What an incredibly nice lady she was). The Schuler’s relationship was through Bob’s dad and Mrs. Schuler, brother and sister.

Potwin was a thriving little community with an oil refinery, Vickers. Vickers sponsored an AAU basketball team the Wichita Vickers. This was back when AAU basketball was played by adults. The Wichita Vickers team had some great teams and played Phillips 66ers, Peoria Caterpillars, and other standout teams in the AAU league. Some of the AAU players made the Olympic teams in basketball back in those days.

Potwin also was the home of Resnick Appliances. This business was owned by Al Resnick. Al could sell an icebox to an Eskimo. Selling appliances to the surrounding area of Potwin which included El Dorado was easy for Al with his salesmanship and/or his “gift of gab”.

A lot of his customer had the original ice boxes and were pleased to upgrade to a refrigerator.

Bob’s family moved to El Dorado when the Potwin refinery closed. Bob’s oldest sister,

Debbie, was a great athlete. She was a superb softball player. There were not athletics in high school for girls when Debbie was in high school. If there had been Debbie would have been one of the best in the state for softball and basketball.

Floyd and Bob thanks for the memories; you were a valued part of a golden era of El Dorado and the surrounding area.

- Larry McNown, El Dorado