Seven more students would have left the Jaguars in 5A.

Look out 4A, here come the Jaguars.

Thanks to the smallest of margins, the Andover schools will compete in different classes again.

“I think a lot of people have forgotten that we have only been in the same class for four years,” said Andover Central Athletic Director Doug Carr.

By the slimmest of margins, Central will become the second largest member of 4A. Andover will remain in 5A with 794 students in grades 9-12. Central has 730.

Shawnee Bishop Miege is the largest member of 4A with 734 high school students. Hays is the smallest member of 5A with 737 students.

The change is effective immediately except for football, where the change will take effect next year.

That means those Jaguar athletes currently participating in sports other than football will compete in the 4A playoffs rather than 5A this year.

The same is true for winter and spring sports.

Carr said he sees both sides of the issue.

“I see pros and cons to both classifications,” Carr said. “One of the major concerns I had in 4A was the Tuesday-Saturday schedule of the first two playoff games in football. But the recent change to split 4A into two classes solved that problem already.”

While losing some of the competitive nature of the rivalry, the Andover schools will no longer knock each other out of the playoffs, a scenario which happened in both boys and girls basketball last year.

Carr said the Jaguars will remain in Division II of the AVCTL. Since Maize South has moved up to 5A, Central will be the only 4A school in that division of the league.

Pittsburg and Highland Park moved back up to 5A as Central and Bishop Miege dropped a classification. Russell is the smallest member of 4A, moving up from 3A this year with only 251 high school students.

No other Butler County Schools are affected by the changes.

Here is a list of the schools, their classifications and student count.

Andover – 5A – 794

Andover Central – 4A – 730

Augusta – 4A – 606

Bluestem – 3A - 176

Circle – 4A - 515

Douglass – 3A – 222

El Dorado – 4A – 554

Flinthills – 1A – 88

Remington – 2A - 154

Rose Hill – 4A – 576